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Red Sky Apiary is located in the southwest corner of Medina County, Ohio bordering both Ashland and Wayne counties. We are located in a predominantly Amish community where small family farms are thriving. With the return to buying locally produced and organically grown foods the community is growing. We are next door to the County Line Produce Auction that has helped contribute to that growth. Most of the produce from the auction makes its way to Farmers Markets across Northern Ohio. Our hives help to pollinate a number of those small farms.

We feel fortunate to still have hedge rows , pastures, woods, hay fields and wild flowers for our bees to forage on.

It is our passion and mission to have a sustainable Apiary that raises healthy, winter hardy bees. Healthy bees support these farms by way of pollination of fruits and veggies that ultimately find there way to our table. They in turn help feed the bees in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our other passion is Herbs. Seems to go hand in hand. We are long time students of the plants and the Bees. Bees are the original Herbalists in my mind. They gather nectar and pollen from flowers that have soaked up sunshine, soil, rain, and air energy then transform that into the sweetest healthful honey. We are constantly amazed and humbled by the whole process.

If your in the neighborhood while the auction is going on stop in and sample our Herbal infused and Raw Honeys.

Please be aware of the horse and buggies as they are traveling much slower than you are and share the roads.

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Springtime is getting closer!

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